Off the Grid & On the Map

Today we established ourselves.

We discussed and agreed upon a mission statement and vision statement to work from at this point. We drew names from a glass and now have “officers;” tomorrow we will mail in our Articles of Incorporation to become a Wisconsin non-profit organization. We bought an internet domain name, began this blog and set up an email account for us all. By the end of the week we’ll have come even farther. On Tuesday we are seeking support from the Riverwest Neighborhood Association to be our fiscal sponsor for a grant proposal through the Milwaukee River Basin Partnership.

Today was also the coldest it’s been yet. In fact, it snow flurried all day.

While I can’t say I’m fully ready for winter, I will say it’s nice to have a recuperation period. This summer and this fall we were both so busy. Just two weeks ago we were still harvesting the last of our gardens and trying to store the food away for winter, preparing our garden beds with compost for the next year, and tucking them in for the winter with thick layers of straw and leaves. Now that there’s frost on the ground, snow in the air and frigidly cold temperatures, we’re going to hunker down around the wood-burning fire together and plan projects for this next year. It’s exciting to see what seeds get planted in our minds during these next few months and what projects they will spur for next season.

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