Step Two, Check.

Last week Off the Grid announced itself to the neighborhood via the Riverwest Neighborhood Association’s monthly meeting. Our objective for attending the meeting was not so much to put ourselves on the radar, but rather seeking the RNA to be our fiscal agent in order for us to receive a grant which we’re applying for through the Milwaukee River Basin Partnership. After sharing the background and purpose for which we formed as a group, and after people reviewed the preliminary project proposal, it was decided unanimously that the RNA would be our fiscal agent for this project; thus, opening the door for Off the Grid to submit an application. Over the next month we’ll be working to finalize the project proposal and will await the determination of the grant sometime in the beginning of 2009.

With all that has happened within the past week and a half, Off the Grid has sparked a lot of interest. In fact, as people have begun to become acquainted with Off the Grid, we’ve received inquiries about how to get involved. There are undoubtedly going to be some great projects happening as a result of Off the Grid and we hands down want to spread the skills and knowledge that we’ll be learning as we take on those endeavors. Already there are exciting projects on the horizon for next summer, if any one project puts a sparkle in your eye, contact us and we’ll put you to work!


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