Richards St Garden Workday this Saturday!

April 2010 25 yds Topsoil/compost delivery

Yeah! 25 Yds of good 'ol topsoil and compost!

Join us for our first Community Workday this Saturday April 17th at the Richards St Garden. Please come for any amount of time you can give between 10am and 4pm.

We just had 25 yds of topsoil/compost blend delivered this week and need your help to put it in its proper places. We are filling up our beds from last year and digging new beds for herb gardens and a watermelon bed, along with more plots for neighbors.

We will also be participating in the neighborhood wide cleanup and picking up trash from neighboring empty lots and alleys.

If you cant make this Saturday don’t worry we are meeting on Saturday April 24th from 10am- 4pm too.

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Wendy Mesich



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3 responses to “Richards St Garden Workday this Saturday!

  1. Nick

    I’m looking for a similar amount of soil for some gardens on the north side. Did you find a good price on that? Care to share the info?

  2. Rita

    Also curious as to where you got your compost/topsoil from. Thanks!

    • offthegridmke

      Last year we worked with a friend who’s a landscaper and they arranged for our whopping 25yrds of compost/soil to be delivered but in past years when we’ve needed a lesser amount 5yrds, Miner’s Garden Center in NW Milwaukee. The deliver for a small charge and their price and soil is great! Good luck!

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