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Hi, I am community organizer living in Riverwest Milwaukee, with my partner and daughter. I am so lucky to have all the wonderful friends and family surrounding me and working on the same goals of a sustainable community

Richards St Garden Workday this Saturday!

April 2010 25 yds Topsoil/compost delivery

Yeah! 25 Yds of good 'ol topsoil and compost!

Join us for our first Community Workday this Saturday April 17th at the Richards St Garden. Please come for any amount of time you can give between 10am and 4pm.

We just had 25 yds of topsoil/compost blend delivered this week and need your help to put it in its proper places. We are filling up our beds from last year and digging new beds for herb gardens and a watermelon bed, along with more plots for neighbors.

We will also be participating in the neighborhood wide cleanup and picking up trash from neighboring empty lots and alleys.

If you cant make this Saturday don’t worry we are meeting on Saturday April 24th from 10am- 4pm too.

authored by,

Wendy Mesich



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No more hibernating!

While out shoveling the sidewalks around the garden this morning I met a gentleman who took the shovel from me and talked with me awhile. He used to own the house next door to the garden (Dang! I forgot to ask him the name of the bowling alley that was on the lot then!)

He was on his way to a local church who has a food bank on Mondays. We talked about the garden and the seeds we just got in and all the lovelies we will be growing.

He went on his way and I told him to come back this spring and summer. Vic I hope you do.

So I know we Off the Griders have been awfully quiet since the end of summer, but we are here, planning for spring and will give you a recap on last year and show you plans for this next season soon!


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Off the Grid needs your help …do you have…?

Hi Everyone,

We have a special project coming up and are in the need of two things this week, Also please join us this Saturday from 11am-1pm for our Riverwest24 Bonus checkpoint and check out the garden too! Check out the races website!

We need:

Sledge Hammers

other native seeds that can overwinter

If you have any of these Let me know and I will come and pick them up!
Wendy Mesich

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First Garden Work Day

Our first Garden work day is this Saturday from 1pm- 4pm.  We will work on Sunday too(weather permitting)

We hope to clean up the lot, have some rototiller action, start building compost bins and brainstorm on garden layouts.

Please join us in the garden on the corner of Richards and Clarke!

See you in the Dirt!

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Our first Garden Fundraiser…mmmm bakery


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Bakers needed for Off the Grid Garden Benefit

Below is the Call out for Bakers to help with a benefit that Ashley Drew of Make Cake Milwaukee and an awesome crew of ladies is hosting for us on April 11th!

We would love your help!!!

Hello everyone!
This is a call for all of you bakers out there looking to make a difference in your community.  We are hosting a grand bakesale on Saturday, April 11th at Design Within Reach (167 N Broadway Milwaukee, WI) from 1-6pm.  Proceeds from the bakesale will go to Off the Grid Milwaukee’s community garden project.  Please come and help us reach our goal of raising $6,500!!
There will be a meeting for all bakers interested on Saturday, April 3rd at 6pm at Design Within Reach.  We will be discussing how much product each person should contribute along with what types of bakery each person would like to bring.
This is a great opportunity to support our local community and to get involved with local area bakers.  Hope to see lots of you there with aprons and a smile!
Please let me know if you are interested in contributing.  Feel free to call or write with any questions or concerns.  Thanks, in advance, for all of your support!
Ashley Drew
Make Cake Milwaukee
“Off The Grid Milwaukee supports local projects designed to increase community self-reliance. In
collaboration with Milwaukee Urban Gardens and our Harambee & Riverwest neighbors we will transform a barren
12,000 sq ft lot at Richards and Clarke Streets into a productive community garden, with innovative
hands-on training that will lead to our neighborhoods providing for more of their own food needs.”

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A note about homesteading

Shea is a fantastic new homesteader(owner) as of 4ish this afternoon.

All of us at Off the Grid are overjoyed for her, She is fantastic and went through all the hell that is buying a first time house in this (or any capitalistic) economy and Bill myself and Scout are excited to be her first tenants renters cohabitants family to share her house with.


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