We’re located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and live in the Riverwest/Harambee neighborhoods.

We can be reached by email here



2 responses to “Contact

  1. Andor Horvath


    Sura turned me on to you.

    I am a designer living on the West Side that works for Pieter Godfrey (between the EUC and the river) as his machinery technician and sawmill operator.

    I have put out numerous offers to groups like Paths to a Sustainable Future offering my designs that encompass four season farming solutions (hot beds to cold frames to low cost greenhouses -see MilwaukeeRenaisance com) and alternative energy systems (low cost solar panels, Peltier junction fans, Stirling engine and co-generation polants as well as small scale wind power plants) in return for some support building, documenting and publishing information under CC license to no avail.

    I need to find a group of people, hopefully you, that are interested in building demonstration units in various fields to prove (by example) to the public that this stuff (above) actually works.

    At this point I am most in need of someone that can really get their head around AC/DC power regulation and control. Got any electronics people in your fold?

    Hope to here from you,

    Andor Horvath
    A2 Design

  2. tom

    You should post something about the starting of this to indymedia Milwaukee. If you’d like I could just post the about section of the site to there, but you may want to add more than that.

    Just a suggestion.

    I’m excited to see how this goes.

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