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2010 Plans

Last year we got the main beds in place and had fun trying out the ancient concept of a Three Sisters companion planting (corn, beans, and squash.)  Our initial vision for our community garden was that we would build the beds and fill them with good soil and then neighbors would come and grow what they wanted, free of charge, alongside our plantings that were both for the neighbors as well as for us.  We had some initial interest from folks living near by, but not a lot of follow through, which resulted in rather precious bed-space being wasted.

This year we’re trying something different.  We’re still going to have a few small beds available for neighbors, but 80-90% of the bed-space will be intensively farmed by us, with the goal of growing tons of high-quality food that we will then give away to the neighbors.  One day each week we’ll be handing out a selection of whatever is ripe and ready!

Check out the plan:


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Nathan Moomaw


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