Who We Are

We are a family of friends working together to make the change we want to see in the world.

Julie Ruplinger and Peyton Covey (not pictured: Killian Covey, age 3);  Wendy Mesich and Bill Bunyan (not pictured: Scout Mesich, age 4); Shea Schachameyer and Gibson Caldwell.

Julie Ruplinger & Peyton Covey

Spoondy & Bill

Shea & Gibson


3 responses to “Who We Are

  1. Stephanie Bliss

    All of you have started something very amazing!! I wish Baltimore had something like this. Maybe it does though, and I just haven’t found it yet!!

    All the best,

  2. Hey guys, my wife recently informed me of what you are doing. Kudos! I am starting a community group in Bayview and would really love to pick your collective brains about a few things. ThinkTank will be working as a vehicle for volunteerism. Everything from community clean-ups, after school programs, reclaiming public space, and hopefully influencing some community legislation. I think we can all help eachother and use our voices for proactive change. I will be examining this site further, but I thought I’d give a shout! Keep up the good work, and let me know what I/we can do to help…

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